Gamblers are believed to be among the most superstitious of people and there are tons of different myths that players believe in. These beliefs manifest themselves in various forms; some players become attached to physical objects or procedures; however, others stick to certain numbers or colors when playing in land-based or online casinos. The most popular gambling superstitions from around the world:

When in doubt, wear red

One of the most interesting and popular Asian superstitions is the belief that red is the lucky color of gambling. More specifically, for the Chinese, red is the color of prosperity and therefore the color that brings good luck. The superstitious players often wear red shoes, red pants, or other red items to increase their potential winning. There are even Macau casinos that have red rooms that are specially designed to bring good luck.

Crossing legs vs thumbs 

One belief says that if you cross your legs at the gambling table, this simple act will somehow magically work you out of any success that might otherwise have come. On the other hand, as with other aspects of everyday life, keeping your fingers crossed when playing at casinos should help you win.

The main stigma of entering the casino

Some people find it unlucky to walk through the front door of a land-based casino. This belief originated at a time when a giant lion was serving as the entrance to the MGM Grand Casino, forcing visitors to pass through the animal’s jaw on their way to the arcade. Superstition aside, it must have been a little scary. Even though the MGM Grand entrance was eventually changed, some people still use the side door instead of going through the main one.

Look away or not look away?

There are many players who find that looking away or leaving the table while gambling will somehow help them get the winning combination. Others, however, feel that they will get lucky if they cover the screen with their hands while playing. Finally, there are those who do not look away for a second, fearing that their absence will disrupt the game and bring bad luck.

Counting money at the table

Another activity that most superstitious players avoid is counting money while playing casino games. This kind of behavior is usually typical for card players. While some players swear it’s bad luck, others just find it extremely rude and unprofessional to count money at the table.

Unlucky thirteen and lucky seven

In fact, there are many numbers in the world that could be considered “numbers of superstition” or numbers of good luck and bad luck. However, we will all agree that none of them are as famous as the numbers 13 and 7.

For some reason, the number 13 has always been considered unlucky, especially in Western culture. 

Unlucky 50 dollar bill

Did you know that American players will not accept payment of 50 dollar bills? They say it is bad luck related to gangsters stuffing a $50 bill into the pockets of those they murdered.

Feed the Child Spirit for good luck

If you thought gangsters and murder victims were a strange faith, wait to hear about this superstition from China. Namely, you will see Chinese gamblers feeding a little ghost with sugar before playing blackjack in the casino. The Chinese believe that a little ghost is sitting behind you at the gaming table, and if you feed it sugar before the game, it can bring you luck.

Whether you use good luck rituals to boost your confidence or you truly believe they will help you win, one thing is for sure: as long as you’re having fun, it’s okay.

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