Summary of what the actor must achieve, adapting stage acting advice from Felner, Mira, Free to Act: An Integrated Approach to Acting, 1990, Holt McDougal


This will help you work as a radio director with your actors:

Every character in a scene must have a reason for being there - an objective.

If your focus wanders from your objective, your acting will lack clarity and intensity.

You are constantly involved in the process of choosing and executing actions that enable you to achieve your objectives and overcome obstacles.

This means you must always know what you want and what is in the way of your attaining it.

Every moment in performance is kept alive through the inner action of taking in and choosing tactical action.


This process of internal justification makes a thinking actor.

The choices you make must reflect the nature of your character and the logic of the given circumstances.

Keeping the process of objective-choice-action energized is vital for a coherent and exciting performance.


Each action is : impulse-action-return-neutral (relaxation-concentration)



Choices (Justification - The 'Wh-' questions) - Objective

These are notes from Felner, Mira, Free to act. An integrated approach to acting, New York: Hawthorn, 1990. I recommend this book as one of the very best I have found on training as an actor.

All of this is fully explained in my book - Beck, Alan, Radio Acting, London: A & C Black (1997) ISBN 0-7136-4631-4

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