What is a radio drama montage?

Montage is a rapid sequence of cross-faded or straight-cut ‘segments’. Sometimes the montage mixed over a bed of music, or some other sound bed.

See also montage

The placing of the montage is usually the following:

As the opening hook of the play

At the mounting climax of the play, usually as a prelude to a decisive final scene.

Montage gives a sound impression, as a summary, in a crucial place in the play.

The montage gives a resume of previous action, and may not take the action forward or introduce new material.

Creative exercise details

For your exercise, you invent the details of this invented play of yours, and explain that the montage material belongs to previous scenes, and where it belongs.

Montage is usually nightmare, or chase, or an impressionistic rapid sequence of action.

Design and script your montages for the following:


Nightmare Dream


1. Thriller

Who? Jimmie (female or male) as protagonist, with companion

Villains are nationalist terrorists

Police smuggling squad is involved


What? Smuggling-criminal nightmare

Where? Urban, British, a lot set in night-time and clubs


Site in the story? After the shoot-out, and the police with Jimmie are closing in on the villains


Design and script a montage lasting 1 minute

Script with suitable music bed

2. Nightmare Dream

Who? Hero or heroine of an Afternoon play, typical of Radio 4.

What? Rite-of-passage play

school, college, marriage, birth, death, adolescence, love

Where? Domestic scenes and public scenes

Design and script a montage lasting I minute

Script with a music bed if you wish for the hook/beginning of the play.

3. Comedy

Who? Your choice of protagonist

Where? Your choice of situation

What? A sit com? Farce? Your choice.

Design and script a montage lasting I minute

Place this where you wish in the invented comedy. (The comedy is of your invention.)





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