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Gooch, Writing a Play 79
(Problem) where a playwright feels he's left something out, not emphasised something enough, or needs to insert some vital information about a character but hasn't yet found the active way to do so. Sometimes there is a recourse to monologue, sometimes the anecdotal telling of a story which happened in the past, sometimes even a flashback. Almost always such moments come as a huge hold-up in the forward momentum of the play. Nothing demonstrates better the need for everything in drama to be shown as a product of action and conflict than this kind of tedious retrospective explanation.
It can even happen over a relatively short span of dialogue where a character does something out of the blue and then, because it's so unexpected or out of character, explains why they did it. It often happens because of an instinctive feeling by the playwright that a character should react in a particular way to the situation in hand.

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