Radio drama dialogue is much more than the words on the page

 One of the most important challenges for actor and director.
 You create dialogue WITH movement, and convincing acting, that is more than the words on the page
 DIRECTORS: Redraft the script
 ACTORS:  You 'live' the words. Give the script movement and life.
 ACTORS: You must not give us 'stand and deliver acting' at the microphone.

See how to do this in Beck, Radio Acting, page 61 etc. And see there other sections about how physical radio acting is, and discussions about 'embodying'.


'Embodying the dialogue' = getting the character's body into the dialogue, living in the vocal stream.

As a technique for this, see 'umms' (1) characters' reactions while others (scene partners) are speaking, (2) establishing presence

SEE Getting PRESENCE into the scene - the sense of a character being 'in'

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  dialogue is more than words

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