CHOICES - you discover the different CHOICES for each line and phrase - the final CHOICE becomes the actor's OBJECTIVE
  SCENE OBJECTIVE: What the character is trying to achieve in a section of dialogue or a scene. Actor must ask (as character) 'What do I want?'
The  SCENE OBJECTIVE carries the character through this particular scene. Also something that the character must achieve in that scene.
 There is only one SCENE OBJECTIVE for each character in each scene.
 That OBJECTIVE may or may not be achieved in that particular scene - frequently not.
 The character will be opposed by the OBSTACLE - resists the efforts of the character to achieve the OBJECTIVE.

  MOOD NOTES FOR THE ACTORS - supporting your actors with detailed guided notes on emotions and interpretations
  MOOD NOTES on the SCRIPT guide the actor in the OBJECTIVE. The NOTE gives the preferred OBJECTIVE.

SUPER OBJECTIVE: The overall OBJECTIVE that carries the character through the whole play.

DIRECTING THE ACTOR - objective, obstacle, subtext, adjustment, choices, objective

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