VOCAL PROBLEM - PRONOUNCING 'S' : Spot anyone who pronounces 's' too loudly and intrusively

  The technical term is 'sigmatism' – defective pronunciation of sibilant sounds. Also a sort of "lisping", and hissing.
 Test the auditionee by this little sentence: 'She sells sea-shells by the sea shore'.
  WHAT TO DO - give the auditionee this test piece also. Test 1 - 'In the restaurant' 
  Some notes - There are some articulation problems here (pronunciation) - particularly the 's' and in ' Does Beryl still have the little come-hitherish lisp ? ' So this is a good test to go to if you are worried about the 's'.


  The 's' sounds include a range - s, sh, f, z, and both versions of th: as in then, and as in thin.
  a very sibilant /s/ and /z/ , or
  a dentalized /s/ and /z/ with the tongue touching the teeth, or
  an interdental /s/ and /z/ with the tongue protruding between the teeth, or
  a 'lingering s/z' in which the sound is prolonged slightly for effect (sso sspecial, amazzzing), or
  combinations of the previous four.
  Sometimes the sounds 'sh' as is shake, and 'zh' as in measure, are dentalized in addition to, or instead of, /s/ and /z/.






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