Reading 1 - 'In the restaurant'

In the restaurant she kept the coat on.

The sleeves were too long and dipped into her soup but that didn't matter.

She did not say 'Why won't Beryl have it?' nor did she yield to pettiness and say ' Does Beryl still have the little come-hitherish lisp ? '

She said,

'I hope it's lucky.'

'It is,' he said. 'It suits you, and that's lucky.'

They were drinking water and when he realized this, he called for the waiter, loudly.

'London water,' he said. 'Drunk first in Reading, flushed in Reading, seweraged in outer Essex, filtered in a bed, and reserved in King's Road Chelsea for regular customers. Bloody scandalous.'

The waiter knew him and had come round to listen.

It was not often or at least not always that he was so expansive.

They had champagne.

He stirred it in the glass with a fork and said ' Wish.'

She wished for nothing more than a nice evening.




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