Close-up - making some dialogue section more intimate

Make use of an effective 'close-up' - in the middle of a stretch of dialogue.

 You could bring your two characters (best with two) nearer the microphone - into POSITION 2 - for a 'close-up shot'.

Look for script that needs these CLOSE-UPS.

If there is none in a scene which could benefit from this, then RE-DRAFT. Put this 'close-up' dialogue into the scene.

Make use of an effective 'close-up' - near the end of a scene.

You could bring your two characters (best with two) nearer the microphone - into POSITION 2 .

The last phrase of the dialogue is intimate - closer to the audience, and a 'close-up' shot.

In the middle of a scene - to enliven

Bring the characters (best with two) into POSITION 2 for longer. Then place them further away again, at POSITION 3.

RE-DRAFT script to realise this.

Filmic - styles of radio drama directing and post-production which creatively relate to film

Perspective explained by film shot analogy

Microphone positions - five in total - from closest to 'moves off' (furthest)

OB - recording outside the studio


This prevents 'stand and deliver' acting. It enables you to bring more subtlety and variation into a dialogue scene.

Look for script that needs these CLOSE-UPS.






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