Perspective explained by film shot analogy

 Key terms: close-up shot (CU)
close-medium shot (CMS)
medium close up shot (MCU)
medium shot (MS)
medium long shot (MLS)
long shot - far distance (LS)
very long shot (VLS)

Also, perspective is explained by using the example of film shots - close-up, middle distance (mid shot), and far distance (long shot).

(a) In close-up, the subject appears large in the frame, which can cut across his chest. There is also extreme close-up, on his face. Close medium shot is where the subject is cut below the waist. Medium close up is cutting the subject just above the waist. (CU = close up, CMS = close medium shot, MCU = medium close up)

(b) In mid-shot, the frame cuts across the subject at the knees. Medium long shot is a tight full-length figure. (MS = medium shot, MLS = medium long shot)

(c) In long shot, the subject is relatively small in the frame, relatively far away. (LS= long shot, VLS = very long shot)


Most standard production is in close-up to mid-shot. A test of this is the sound picture constructed within a room. For example, how long it takes a character to enter in to the room through the door and then to be heard talking beside another character.


See Perspective - construction, width and depth of the sound picture

See SOUND CENTRE - FIXED SOUND CENTRE - the centre of the sound picture remains fixed in the same place + MOVING SOUND CENTRE - 'we go with'






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