FEISTY GIRL - sexy, pushy, selfish, attacking, intelligent, envied
 GETTING THAT TO WORK IN THE SCRIPT: full of one-liners, aggressive, selfish, reckless, immoral (as far as you want to push it), powerful, very attractive to all (and that means all!), sexy
 IN CONFLICT WITH - the BOSS, other FEMALES, and those MEN she despises
 SELFISH - TOTALLY: In every situation, she will think of herself first and be selfish, and attack others.
 CAPABLE: She is very capable and drives things on. She gets into terrible situations, but by her sharp intelligence, and connections, she can rescue others.
  FASHION: She has great fashion sense. Dresses as expensively as possible.
 ENVIED BY: All other women.
 GOSSIP: Main GOSSIP character. Source of information and distorting information.

energetic, dynamic, driving, enterprising, forceful, high-powered, pushy

  NETWORK: Connected in surprising ways. Ex-lovers. Surprisingly related to key people. Surprising information through her busy back-life.
 BACK LIFE: Mysterious. Revelations through the episodes.
 SATIRISED FOR: Her obsessions - her looks - fashion - celebrity life style.
  HANDBAG: She has lots in her handbags. She has lots of handbags! Always got something to save them all in her handbag. Unlikely props that save the day.
HOME SPACE: Discover her HOME SPACE - apartment? bedroom? Probably not so important to her, as she spends her nights out.
 JEWELLERY: Fabulous, when she has it.

 HOW TO CONTACT HER WHEN SHE IS NEEDED: Always on the move. Difficult to get in touch with at some vital times. Sometimes, for embarrassing reasons.
 HOME SKILLS AND COOKING: She does not cook. She eats out in restaurants and she does not pay the bill - others must.
 CREDIT CARDS AND CREDIT WORTHINESS: Her weakness. She is in debt.
 WHAT IS HER HOBBY: Surprise us!
 ACTING NOTES - fast and energetic, with the high vocal energy you get in American TV comedies and very different to the low energy often in English everyday speech, and so HARD TO CAST. Ability to deliver one-liners.
 SCRIPTING: Typical phrases. One-liners. Fast pace. Reacts to everyone.

 Emotional trigger for each character - what emotion gets FEISTY GIRL activited?
 Grid of characters' relationships to each other



TRANSFORMATION - the main character goes through a significant change - then resumes core qualities
 HER TRANSFORMATION - in one storyline, SHE GETS IT WRONG, and has to be rescued by the others, and REPENTS, but soon after that, SHE IS RESTORED TO THE FEISTY GIRL SHE IS! - hurray!



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