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It is common that newcomers (or old novices) look forward to the offer of a free welcome bonus or package when signing up with an affiliate program. However, not all newcomers are familiar with the terms and conditions. Here is a short discussion on what a newbie needs to know about welcome bonuses.


What are a welcome bonus and how it works?

welcome bonus

What does it mean? A bonus is an incentive that a newbie should collect after joining an affiliate program. The newbie collects this bonus when the customer buys something using the link that the merchant offers.

Why should the newbie collect the bonus? This is a tricky question. The reason is simple – the more visitors a site attracts, the more money the site owner can earn. Therefore, the more packages a site offers to its visitors, the more visitors the site has to generate revenue. Therefore, if the newbie does not collect the bonus upon sign-up, he or she is not only wasting time but is also wasting money!

Newbies should be careful in choosing the right package or bonus to give away. If a newbie believes that a certain package will help them earn a lot of money online, they should stick to the program because they are assured that the money they will earn through sales will be returned to them in kind. Therefore, it is important that the newbie read the fine print before signing up for any package or bonus.

Another thing newbies should know is the difference between a free bonus and a freebie. A free bonus is an offer that is given to visitors once they register with the affiliate site. They have no obligation to purchase anything, so why give something away for free? The only exception to this is when companies give away a product as a bonus to customers who are willing to join their mailing list.


Newbie must know about a freebie or a welcome package

Newbie must know about a freebie or a welcome package

Some companies offer freebies but the visitors have to answer surveys and questionnaires to obtain them. For this reason, some people claim that a freebie or a welcome bonus is nothing but a scam.

The third thing that a newbie should know is that they need to choose the best package for their needs before joining an affiliate program. There are two types of packages: free and paid. A freebie package will give the newbie the freedom to promote the product, while a paid package will require them to pay for the product once they get it. Some websites give out free products along with a money-back guarantee; however, these packages are only good for a limited period.

The fourth thing that a newbie must know about a welcome bonus or package is that they should make sure that they are getting the best value for their money. Some companies will offer their members a free product, but it comes with a very high price tag. This means that the newbie will be spending more money if he signs up for the package than he would by signing up for the free product. This is why a newbie should always make sure that he knows what he wants before going to an affiliate website.

The fifth and final thing that a newbie should know about a bonus website is that he should make sure that he takes care of his subscriber list once he has them. Usually, the longer that a person remains a member, the better his chances of earning bigger commissions. The only way to convince a newbie otherwise is by offering him something valuable once he has made his first dollar. This means that the newbie should take care of his subscribers before he invests any money in the business.

The welcome bonus or package that a newbie should know about a website is just like any other package. He has to market his website effectively so that people will want to sign up for the said package. He also has to make sure that he is getting the best value for his money by joining a certain package. These are the basics on what to do newbies need to know about a welcome bonus or package. With this basic information in mind, it should be easy for anyone to determine whether he should invest in the said package or not.

Of course, it is not enough to know what do newbies need to know about a package. A newbie also needs to make sure that he is getting the most out of the whole package. This is where he must research more about the business that he wants to join. The Internet is filled with information about different businesses, and it is up to a newbie to use this information to his advantage. There is no reason for him to get scammed after all, especially when the risk of getting scammed is so high.

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