If you’ve been looking for a great new flash game with great graphics and some of the best sound effects on the market, Olympus thunder has just what you’re looking for. Based on the story of the greatest Greek myth, this casino game puts you in the role of the god of the sea and the goddess Aphrodite. The land of Odysseus is being torn apart by warring gods, while at sea, Odysseus struggles to rescue his father and keep his people safe. When you start the game, you’ll be thrown right into the action, with only shadows moving overhead. As you progress through the land, you’ll encounter temples and other landmarks, along with enemy forces, pirates, and more.

Olympus thunder is a flash game, a traditional casino game in the truest sense, where you earn points by landing the winning symbols on your opponent’s temple or on your own icons. With a Greek myth theme, it introduces you to three reels where you use a wide variety of powerful symbols, such as bolts of lightning, boars, and dragons to attack and defeat your opponents. Each symbol has a different attack and special move when used in combination with the others, so mastering the right combination of ancient Greece symbols and attacks is the key to winning. Combining these powerful symbols in the right order is not easy, so having a solid knowledge of how each works is crucial to your chances of success. This makes this an exciting, and engaging game that requires both skill and strategy to play well.

As you battle through the land of Odysseus, you’ll find yourself becoming familiar with patterns that will help you win more symbols and win the game. There are certain reels where a specific icon will appear more often than others, which you’ll want to focus on for particular symbols to gain access to that much more powerful bonus symbol. These bonus symbols can be traded for more powerful symbols and attacks later, but in the early portions of the game, focusing your efforts on using the most powerful symbols you can unlock is the best way to gain a solid lead and survive to the end. Olympus thunder delivers everything you need to enjoy a fun time playing this classic board game. From fast action and great graphics to user-friendly controls and a variety of symbols to use against your opponents, there is no shortage of enjoyable gameplay associated with this challenging board game.

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