Cleopatra – Queen of Slots is one of the most favorite online slot based from Novomatic. This high-tech casino game is capable of delivering numerous positive feelings to the player, and substantial rewards for just the effort expended by the player, for it allows you to literally touch the colorful history of ancient Egypt. With this in mind, the makers of this slot machine made sure that it is not only visually spectacular but totally addictive as well. Although some may say that it may sound too good to be true, the Cleopatra – Queen of slots can actually make a person feel good every time she appears on the gaming console. In fact, the Egyptian Queen of Slots is so good that even hardened casino goers find themselves winning more money from the game than they have in a long time!

This casino game is not a direct simulation of any particular casino game. This means that you do not need any prior knowledge of the slot machines to win here. If you are aware that there is a maximum paytable, you should try to stick to that amount and do not double your bankroll, since you would lose all the money you have won. The game has several categories, which you may choose from to play, depending on the number of coins allowed in each category. Once you have won a jackpot in any category, you will be able to convert it to credits to add up to your winnings, and continue playing. There are currently no promotional offers associated with the release of the Cleopatra – Queen of Slots slot machine, and all winning transactions are final.

The Cleopatra – Queen of Slots is not like any other slot machine you may have played before in the past. The paytable is set to a very low amount, which means that you could conceivably play this game for several weeks or months before hitting the jackpot. This low paytable also makes winning jackpots in this game very easy to achieve. You may even be lucky enough to double your initial bankroll in just a few days, and double it again the very next day. It really is like playing the game for “free” during your initial visits to the machines! However, if you do hit the jackpot, it will be far greater than the amount you would have paid for a game of roulette at a brick and mortar casino!

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