Top of the scene (directing, scripting, acting, technical)

 You have to do some special work at the beginning of the radio drama scene - rather like television and film's location shot.

Signposting - technique for establishing the location at the beginning of a scene
This is done by effects, spot or FX, and atmos and often backed by Description or added words in the dialogue to fill in what is 'blind' for the listener. See hook


Establish atmos for the scene (unless neutral atmos). Establish key FX - location identifier (if needed) - as seagull, rain, factory hooter, traffic, cathedral bells, crowd talking or shouting. Description (see below) is nearly always needed to twin with signposting.

Description - added words in the dialogue to fill in what is 'blind' for the listener

It is mostly of physical details, facial expressions, gestures and bodily action, and also of the location. Description needs to be so skilfully scripted that it is not obtrusive.

Top of scene (technique) - establishing sound centre - first character speaking (perspective & sound picture)

Scene boundaries - CHART FOR CHOICES - straight cut / fade in / fade out / crossfade / 'Archers' fade / music bridge / FX bridge / montage



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