Silences and the overall design

Think of the overall design. Is this a 'through composed' piece?

That means - there are no silences between scenes, and there are cross-fades between scenes or music bridges between scenes.

Or you may want one or more significant silences.

A silence like this is very useful. Because it allows the listeners to catch up, to think back on what they have heard - to put it all together so far.

And it enables you to build to something very significant about to come - as the climactic scene.

So the whole piece sweeps up to the main climactic scene, and the listener is given the signal to await this - by this significant silence.

To silences - different sorts

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Setting the scene



 establish presence 

 scene boundaries

  scene boundaries - more

 sound centre and   Point of listening = POL

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Structuring the plot




    closure (ending)

   use a 'mystery'


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Production issues in detail



  record 'umms' from all the characters to store

    scene structure

  dialogue is more than words

      SOUND BOX - production sound effects archive

 atmos and soundscapes

  double frame - triple frame


 underscoring music - fighting the dialogue

   'moving camera' technique



 'Will you turn that music down!'

18-second rule 
  drop-ins   sound pictures

 number the scenes carefully with a system  voice in the mind = interiorizing

 time-space rule or jump cut

Styles of production, directing and post-production

  Standard production

 Genre (academic) and types of plays
   story board

    chaining sentences - (characters or character and narrator)

  doubling sentences - overlapping

(narrator and protagonist) 

  economy rule 

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Theoretical issues & writing-up your project

writing up your student project work (critique)


 symbol system 
  language based =  logocentric  

 What is radio theory for?

 Theory - what is it?








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