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There is plainly more than one radio play, and not all radio plays are equal.

Radio drama theorising must introduce the central topics of the radio drama experience :

 RECEPTION THEORY: the listener's experiences via a monaural medium - as the radio drama craft is based on the artistic manipulation of our common mental system


RECEPTION THEORY: the involvement of all the sensory array (other senses such as sight and touch etc.) in the listener's perceptual filling-in - see audiences (reception theory)

 RECEPTION THEORY AND RADIO APPARATUS THEORY: the interaction of ear and the recording microphone, and of the ear with the radio apparatus in production, post-production and broadcast (see Radio apparatus theory)
RECEPTION THEORY:  aurality as a central area of radio theory

RECEPTION THEORY: emotions in radio drama

PHILOSOPHICAL ISSUES - RELATION TO THE EXTRA-RADIO WORLD:  classical and postclassical discussion of radio's relation to reality (the extra-radio world) across radio plays, radio documentaries and features, and radio drama-documentaries

FOUNDATIONAL THEORY PROBLEMS - MASTER NARRATIVE - MIDDLE-RANGE THEORISING:  radio drama theorised through a master-narrative system as semiotics (radio text and the semiotic sign) or radio approached through middle-range theorising (see Radio theory - what is it for? What is it? for middle-range theorising)

 RECEPTION THEORY - COGNITIVE SCIENCE : radio as perceptual data


RECEPTION THEORY - cognitive mapping - mental geography - navigating or orienteering through the fictional 'scenery' of radio drama - see Cognitive Mapping and Radio Drama by Alan Beck - Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, Volume 1 Number 2, July 2000 (on this site)

 RECEPTION THEORY: radio characters and listener identification (and the possible use of suture as a theoretical concept) - see audiences (reception theory)  for suture

FORMALISM: narrative forms, genre and narrative (see Narrative)

 GENRE: subjective and lyrical forms


AESTHETICS AND PHILOSOPHICAL ISSUES: theories of interpretation and evaluation (aesthetics)

 POLITICAL ECONOMY APPROACH - CULTURAL MATERIALISM: relations between radio drama, culture and society, broadcasting institution - political economy approach


PHILOSOPHICAL ISSUES - FOUNDATIONAL ISSUES: use of analytical philosphy, use of cognitive science, empirical research, relationship to the social sciences

 APPARATUS THEORY: history of radio drama technology -
  Radio Drama Reading List

See also:

 Oculocentrism or ocularocentrism
 audiences (reception theory)
 Theory - what is it?
 Radio theory - what is it for?
 psychology of perception and emotion
 Listening as a secondary activity - see audiences (reception theory)


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