Monologues - do we use them .......? It depends on the GENRE (Types of plays), REALISM or not, EXPERIMENTAL or not,

ARGUMENTS AGAINST: The listeners do not expect them, they break the realism convention of dialogue, and they become clumsy too quickly.

ARGUMENTS FOR: interiorizing - the voice in the mind, circumstances where a short monologue is to be used .... a character distracted or worried and speaking aloud, as in real life it is to be expected.

How to - in production:

 Best as position one or position two at the microphone
 in a neutral acoustic
 We hear all the detail and colour of the voice.
 It is a difficult technique for director and actor - and well worth doing.

See interiorizing - the voice in the mind for more production detail.

See 'Thoughts' - internal thoughts of a character - see Point-of-listening 10-7

If for broadcast, you probably should respect BBC Editorial Guidelines






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