David and Caroline Stafford, 'The Men Are From ….', 18-7-2002, Afternoon Play, producer Marc Jobst (repeat), BBC Radio 4

Trish - relationship facilitator
Phil - met at 1984 Mind-Body-Spirit Conference

Derek (at school with Phil - divorced from Veronica 6 yrs ago)
Pauline (at school with Trish) -leaves Brian
Candy (with Derek - suicidal blonde hair)
Brian - fat bloke in a pullover


I like me, you like me MANUAL


Meditation group
Personal development plan (PDPs)
Mutual empowerment
Growing towards the goal of inner excellence

Technical - Production aspects:


Is that the sandlewood incense?

I like me, you like me, the quest for inner excellence, the smile of the dolphin.

Blundering through life, we've got to do something.

2. Commentary by Trish through this

Dinner party - Trish, Phil, Derek, Pauline, Candy
This is my family
Does sexual fantasies advance a personal relationship?
Candy's sexual fantasy about trial - accused of betraying her husband
went on for 45 minutes

4. Trish and Phil - meeting
I respect his cave, I give him 4 hugs a day
Derek's deep denial of the Veronica episode
Candy problem
Brian and Pauline - her essential mousiness - she attacks Brian's inner warrior
we need to be more dynamically solution centered in our approach
You've got the inner strength to come to the right solutions

5. Trish

6. Trish - Candy - Pauline
Have you thought what you want to be famous for?
Pauline has a lot of anger management issues
Pauline split up with Brian - staying with Anthony
How do you feel Pauline? - Absolutely fine
Pauline's silent scream hung in the air like a diseased crow.
any leap from their comfort zone was a leap towards hope.

7. Barbeque: Brian - Derek - Phil
you've got to get a new girlfriend, it's a natural thing for a man to do.
Why do you and Trish have to have a shelf of books to get it right?
Brian to Phil: You're a very loyal man, keep it up.










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