Gregory Whitehead, 'The Marilyn Room', broadcast 25-5-2001 and 11-10-2002, B.B.C. R4, Friday Play, 1 hour, directed by Gregory Whitehead


Dramatised investigation into a bizarre and mysterious death in New York
Mr Stephen Wallace
Lieutenant Pete Scuzth
Mother -
Father - Dick Wallace


1. monologue
Let the game begin
Welcome to the Marilyn Room where it all happens

2. Lieutenant Pete Scuzth
done up real artful
drug OD


3. Stephen was always a very lonely child
He was more comfortable in his own little world
I didn't know about this Marilyn preoccupation
Bette Boop song
made a little Bette Boop dress with some help from the au pair

4. Margarete
use of underscoring music
interview in boxy acoustic - young woman interviewer
kissing - not in a way a mother should
sister already scared - that was the big feeling in the hour

5. monologue to tape recorder - poor acoustic - echoey - played back
born to privilege, destroyed by - what's another word beginning with 'p'?

6. song - love song sung by male

7. woman
Stephen saw himself as the grand master of the game
dance of the shadow puppets
the problem is that he never understood that other people have their own shadow puppets
that's when the shadows came off the wall and came to get him
shadows had become an invasion


8. Roberto - hairdresser
acoustic of salon plus some sinister notes
I did Mr. Wallace's hair as both Stephen and Marilyn
When he was Marilyn he as so relaxed



9. Lieutenant Pete Scuzth
all made up too look like Marilyn
bottle of barbiturates
bottle of whisky
'Midnight Sun' - Johnny Mercer
not like he was trying to hide anything



kiddo, you always got to get the feed right
I learned to walk as a baby, and I haven't put a foot wrong sense
My right foot is a mess. Roberto said it had another life.
The really meaningful knots are beyond any massage therapy.


11. music
Woman interviewed by reporter
Stephen hated his Daddy.
He did squish Stephen like a bug from day one.
We both had this pickled twister mothers

12. FX smoking and glass


13. Father - Miss Hawthorn
Room in the basement

14. straight cut to Margarete
That's the big big question










Gregory Whitehead, 'The Marilyn Room'


Gregory Whitehead is a playwright, audio artist, voice performer, radiomaker. Since 1984, Whitehead has written, performed and produced over eighty audio features, documentaries and earplays for broadcast in the US and abroad, together with an extensive list of credits in emedia, theater, film and installations.
Most recently, he performed as The Voice in Valere Novarina's theater-without-bodies manifesto Theater of the Ears, performed at the Center for New Theater in Los Angeles (CalArts), and at LaMama in New York.
Drawing on his background in experimental theater and improvised music, Whitehead has developed a production style distunguished by its playfully provocative blend of text, concept, voice, music and pure sound. He is the recipient of many major electronic arts fellowships and awards, including the Prix Italia (Pressures of the Unspeakable), the Prix Future/BBC Award for New Hörspiel (Shake, Rattle, Roll), as well as a Special Commendation at the 1995 Prix Futura. His Dead Letters was one of only a handful of radio works selected for the Whitney Museum's recent American Century show. In addition to his broadcasts, Whitehead's audiography includes numerous language, technology and the public spherre, Whiehead co-edited Wireless Imagination: sound, radio and the avant-garde (MIT Press).
selected works ::
The Marilyn Room, BBC Radio 4, 2001.
Marination, Perspiration, Respiration, BBC Radio 4, 1999-2000.
American Heavy, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1999.
Talk to Sleep, BBC Radio 4, 1999.
Strands, London Aldwych Station, installation/performance, Austrian Radio, 1997.
Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1997.
Songs From the Boneyard, Radio France, 1997.
Nothing But Fog, KPFA, San Francisco, 1996.
L'indomptable, Radio France, 1996.
Dead Letters, CD, Staalplaat , 1995.








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