Reading 4 - 'Diana on stage'

'They're all wearing nylons,' wailed Diana.
She was in a corner backstage, terribly nervous.

May of the Mountains was groping her crotch, and Viceversa and Ignacio were discussing whether or not to let Mabel out on stage.

'It's the fashion here,' said May. 'They all wear nylons even though they're sweating cobs.'

'How awful,' complained Diana. 'I really miss Barcelona.'

May was about to cry again, but the orchestra struck up a lively tune and a mulatta rushed up to Diana.

'Senorita Chuchuchuca, you're on now.'

'Me?' asked Diana, putting her wig straight.
Ignacio intervened: 'The lady's not quite ready. '

And in a voice low enough for only Diana to hear:

'You've got to get to Julio. His dressing-room's on the other side of the corridor, a blue door.

We're counting on you.

God knows if we'll be in time to avert a catastrophe.'

But the girl pulled Diana towards the stage, and she let herself be carried away by the magic of the moment.

The audience, who had already heard singers from all over Latin American plus a certain Jose Luis Perales elegantly representing Spain, wanted more.

Diana advanced to the centre of a stage decorated with tropical fruits and flowers.



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