Reading 3 - 'Janice and Victor'

NOTE: Do not say '[Janice]' or '[Victor]' when these are in the text in square brackets. These are just to show you who is speaking.


'I'VE BEEN SO LONELY,' says Janice, from beneath Victor. 'I've enjoyed it in a way but it's been so unnatural.'

'I can't stand being an antique dealer,' says Victor. 'It's all right as a hobby but as a way of life it's too frightening.'

[Janice]'The house is in a dreadful mess.'

[Victor] 'I don't mind. What about this young man of Wendy's?'

[Janice] 'I don't know. She only met him yesterday. What about that young girl of yours?'

[Victor] 'She'll be all right. She's not particular as to who, or why, or where.'

'Then she'll get what she deserves,' says Janice, looking up at Victor with one clear eye and one puffy one.

Victor slept.

So did Janice.

Victor, waking, was restored to himself.

He woke with a sense of relief, as one does from a bad dream, to find the real world again and Janice beside him.







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