Reading 2 - 'Diana and her treasures'

Alone, in the toilets, sitting on the seat, Diana rips open the box, her hands tremble as, one by one, she pulls out the fetishes:

an LP and a cassette with songs by Julio Iglesias,

two lipsticks, a pot of eye shadow,

some Estee Lauder perfume,

a serviette ring heavy as a bad conscience and,

biggest treasure of all,

a photo album of Julio, colour pictures of him singing with his eyes closed and an expression of infinite suffering,

with his eyes open and a smile of unbridled hope,

with his naked torso (His Torso) leaning against the wall of one of the rooms of his sumptuous mansion in Miami,

on board his extraordinary yacht Chabeli 11 (what a gesture, naming his boat after his beloved daughter),

pensive at the piano (is he contemplating the terrible solitude of an idol in a crowd?),

in a Rudolph Valentino turban, greeting Prince Rainier of Monaco and his wife Grace,

God bless her soul,

walking alone down the aisle of a theatre, getting dressed, getting undressed,

in front of the pyramids, beside the sphynx, with his dog, with his kids,

another one with his dog, another one with his kids,

and even with a little beggar boy who looks at him with admiration.






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