VOCAL PROBLEM - PRONOUNCING 'R' - a defective utterance of the /r/ sounds

a sort of lisping - as 'weally, quite attwactive' for 'really, quite attractive'.

an example of faulty articulation


 The technical term for this is rhotacism (rho·ta·cism) (ro¢t[schwa]-sizm) a speech disorder consisting of imperfect pronunciation of the r sound.
 Outside dialect, this is a medical condition consisting of an inability or difficulty in pronouncing the letter "r", due to the exercise of the many muscles in the tongue.
 The 'r' sound is complicated and is related to 'l'. 'R' ranges up to heavily trilling, as in Scottish dialects.
 In phonetics, think of the rolled French r-sound. Apart from phonetics, think of the sound of a cat purring.

Here is a site about correcting this problem as a speech therapist:



 Lambdacism – a speech disorder involving faulty pronunciation or excessive use of the l-sound.
  A Chinese person will tend to substitute l for r, calling a US native an "Amelican". Is this rhotacism (mispronouncing the r) or lambdacism (excessively using the l)?
  The authorities seem to agree that it is lambdacism.
  The Japanese tendency to substitute r for l, calling a British person an "Engrishman", is rhotacism.


This can signify social class - British upper class fops, 18th Century dandies, Bertie Wooster.

Oliver Goldsmith, She Stoops to Conquer (1773)
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, The Rivals (1775)






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