This material is confidential and be careful what you write here.

Nothing is ever confidential - you know that!

Be careful about writing anything negative about an auditionee - just technical details.

Realise that this book will be around the Radio Studio all the time, and other eyes could view it.

It is useful to have a scoring system out of ten. This is just a quick reference.

This is what you have: Voice Test - CONFIDENTIAL


 Name + contact details + geographical place of origin
 Description of voice, dialect (accent), vocal qualities (as husky, creaky, clear, unusual)
 ANY PROBLEMS? - Pitch and range, pitch patterning (especially phrase and sentence endings)
 ANY PROBLEMS? - Articulation (clarity of speech) - pronunciation - rhotacising (trouble with 'r') - sibilancy ('sss')
 Pace and pauses, breathing, ability to sustain breath
 Ability to make adjustments - when you give a directing note, how responsive was the auditionee?
 Reading ability - able to lift it off the page and sight-reading

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Short introduction to Auditions

PRE-PRODUCTION - producer - auditions - casting - planning - budgets - time line - script - playwright - production in studio & OB





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