o All atomic matter vibrates.

o Frequency is the speed at which matter vibrates.

o The frequency of vibration creates sound

o Sounds can be moulded into music.

Resonance means literally 'to sound again, to echo'. Part of this is entrainment (the effect of sound on and inside the body) - changing the rate of brain waves, breaths, or heartbeats from one speed to another through exposure to external rhythms. The most common example is tapping your feet to the external rhythm of music. The brain resonates and so does the breath and heart rate.
Sound is both distant (coming from an emitter at a distance) and contact (like touch and taste, and it enters the body).

In the cinema, and in Dolby surround-sound, low frequency sounds (defined as those below 400Hz) travel under the seats and effects the diaphragm, producing uncomfortably and even nausea in some audiences. Action movies rely on wailing sirens, crashes and screams, accompanying quick editing on the visual track and fast movement. The sound track and the visuals encourage psychokinetic stimulation.

Dolby Digital 5.1-channel digital sound refers to five full-range channels, plus a subwoofer channel (the .1) that covers the lowest one-tenth of the audible range, and can be felt too.

Noise - beware of too much 'glare' in the sound picture!






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