Finding the soap title - not easy!

 GEOGRAPHICAL - named for the location. Examples : 'Westway' (BBC World Service soap till 2005), 'Silver Street' (BBC), and many TV examples, 'Love Lane' (Alan Beck radio soap set in an actual street called Love Lane in Canterbury, Kent, UK)
 PEOPLE - 'The Archers' (BBC Radio 4 soap), 'The Waltons' (American TV)
 EMOTIONAL - 'As the World Turns' (American soap), 'The Life Before Us' (French soap)
 JOKE OR PUN - 'Crime Crackers' (Alan Beck radio soap about detectives), 'Wrap Pack' (Alan Beck radio soap about location finders for films), 'Space Detectives Are Go!' (Alan Beck radio soap about detectives and sci-fi), 'Mother Chip' (Alan Beck radio soap about a catering company in outer space), 'Planet Hustle' (sci-fi, thriller, comedy)
 INTRIGUING THEME - 'The Canterbury Vampires' (Alan Beck radio soap mixing campus students and vampires)
 GENRE - 'Freshers' (Alan Beck radio soap about students), 'Planet Hustle' (Alan Beck radio soap - sci-fi)

Sometimes, in the media, 'it does what it says on the tin'. So the soap title would be a clear explanation.

But it is fun to have an intriguing, tricky title.



What the world says about soap and along with radio
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