SCRIPTING - Example of 'The Canterbury Vampires' - plot - characters - research - locations

· Set in University
· Supernatural - reality verses fantasy, i.e. vampires and witches at university.
· House where people get caught about Magic - Harry Potter.
· Angela Carter.
· Must have a subplot.
· Must include sex.
· Vampire society
· Monastery underneath the university - maybe they have made a curse on the vampires which means that they can never leave the site.
· Sources: Anne Rice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Blade, Lost Boys, Canterbury Ghost Hunt.
· Canterbury Cathedral Crypt - are Beckett's bones still hidden in the Cathedral.


· Compendium - climax on Thursdays and results of Friday, or alternatively climax occurs on the Friday episode.
· Main plot, sub-plot and through plot. A PLOT/ B PLOT.
· Story Arc.
· Logic.
· Essential to end each episode in a cliff-hanger.
· Must be fashionable - Big Brother, The Office, 24 and Harry Potter.


· Internet research on the Occult
· History of Canterbury.
· The Occult.
· Cathedral - where people could find refuge.
· Immigration.
· Societies on campus.
· Tourist Information.
· Canterbury Tales - Chaucer.
· Ducking Stool, Wincheap.
· Work Houses.


· High Concept - live in Halls but study magic/ thaumatology.
· Begins with Freshers week and ends with the final exam and the ball.
· GIRL VIRGIN: Fresher, innocent yet attractive.
· BOY VIRGIN: Likeable but not socially developed. Has a special talent - possibly Chemistry to link to the spells and magic.
· STREETWISE BOY: Older character, possibly expelled from magic school for mixing with the dark side. Is very good at magic but we do not know at first how much he is connected to the dark side. He is also the son of the head professor.
· SLUT: Selfish and posh? Wants to be Queen of whatever society she is involved in. Stuff always happens to her.
· MOTHER: Possibly the head professor of the magic school and mother of the STREETWISE BOY.
· VAMPIRE SECT: lives underneath the university in tunnels and appears throughout the soap with their identities gradually revealed. The STREETWISE BOY is a borderline member of this society.


Freshers Weeks
X story
Guy Falkes Night
New Year
Valentines Day
May day
Summer Ball
Rag Week

Locations on Campus

Student Union Bar
Sports Hall
Firing range
Halls of residence - shared rooms

Locations in town

High street
Shops - magic supply shop
Canterbury Castle/ Leeds Castle
Orchards/ Hops fields
Dover - White cliffs experience

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