Setting up the SOAP BIBLE - agreed details

Storylines, characters, locations, production and postproduction style, etc


 This is a big task, and is the responsibility of all, under the SOAP EDITOR.
 You have to get the BASICS right. That means a lot of discussion at the beginning of this project.


Allow for efficient discussion time. Quite a lot of it. As long as you are efficient, all of this planning will pay off.

 A wrong turning in the BASICS can lead to trouble later! So be flexible, open to as many creative ideas as possible.
 Keep DISCUSSION productive. No individual should hang on to an idea, just because it is their own.

 You set up the group working dynamics here. You discover how you all work together, for the good of the project.

 What are your initial difficulties? How do you come to consensus? What roles do you each take up?
Check out Group dynamics - what goes right and avoiding the rest
 DON'T : Create a BOXED-IN LOCATION. EXAMPLES - ONLY in an office; ONLY in a shop; ONLY in a small college.
 DON'T : Create a BOXED-IN STORYLINE. EXAMPLES - a repeating situation. (A continuously complaining character, in one location, keeps going on and on about the same subject.)


 DO NOT CREATE: BOXED-IN CHARACTER (who is a main character - or any character). ABSOLUTELY AVOID! (Why? See below.)
 DO NOT CREATE: Someone in depression, poorly able to communicate. Why? Not for entertainment. Not for range. Not for character development. Not interesting.
 DO NOT CREATE: Someone not capable of TRANSFORMATION through the episodes.
 DO NOT CREATE: A 'mono-' character (too narrow a personality), with only one function. E.g., the Neighbourhood Spy (as a Main Character), the Nasty Teacher (as a Main Character).
 DO NOT CREATE: Someone with a dialect which does not allow enough expressiveness (range of emotions and thoughts).
 DO NOT CREATE: Someone with a stutter (gets in the way of expressiveness and slows up delivery).
 See ALAN BECK'S FORMULA FOR THE MAIN CHARACTERS - and - Create characters' personalities - always go for results







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