Jesus had nothing to say about loving same-sex couples.
 St. Paul's rantings were about Greek temple prostitution and paedophile abuse.
 Evangelical fundamentalists crudely misinterpret the Bible in a way impossible after two hundred years of research and scholarship.
 'Jerry Springer Show' theology by certain Evangelicals has replaced dialogue and compassion.

 Richard Holloway, then Bishop of Edinburgh, commented (2000-01-09) 'If the Church of England can bless battle-ships and fox hounds, why not same-sex couples?'
 What the ex-gay movement is all about is salving the conscience of the Christian leaders. These leaders don't like to be accused of homophobia. That way they can say 'we don't hate gays - look how we are welcoming them'.
  No reputable scientific study has ever demonstrated that homosexuality is a choice or that it can be 'overcome'.
  Homophobic Christians don't want to listen or learn. They don't not want to accept diversity. The truth is we are not all exactly the same. Nor do we need to be. Out of nearly 7 billion people on the planet, we should expect some differences.
  Nigerian Bishop Chukwuma became a media star by laying his hands on Richard Kirker of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement for the 'cure' (Lambeth Conference 1998). Richard assures us: it didn't work!

'Leviticus and abomination - A letter to the editor' from Hyam Maccoby in The Times Literary Supplement, 11th. September, 1998, page 17.
"As to homosexuality, what Leviticus forbids is not homosexuality as understood today (in other words, a permanent orientation), but homosexual acts performed by heterosexuals (for example the molestation described in Genesis 19: 4-5). That certain human beings might be radically homosexual was not a conception envisaged by Leviticus, but later Judaism came near to it by its doctrine of androgynous and doubtful sexual constitutions (see Mishnah, Bikkurim, 4)."





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