Varengeville Church (Normandy coast)

Pictures here are of the Church of Saint Valéry and the graveyard on the cliffs further along the coast from Dieppe. Below is the view towards Dieppe. The church dates back to 600 AD, and is both the church of seafarers and of artists, such as Braque and Claude Monet. This monument is menaced by the sea's advance on the cliffs.

One of the stained glass windows was designed by Georges Braque ('The Tree of Jesse' - see below), and he lived in Varengeville-sur-Mer, and died there. His tomb, shared with his wife, is in the graveyard (see below). The remarkable tomb has a mosaic of blue and gray, recalling the colours of the Normandy coast.

For Monet's impressionist painting, 'The Church of Varengeville, Setting Sun', see

On that web page, is the following quote: "Monet's art was therefore at once the inevitable consequence of a historical evolution towards an ever more precise rendition of light in its ephemeral effects..." (Levine, Steven Z. Monet and his critics. New York, Garland Publishing, 1976)

The Church is open from 8.00 am to 9 pm.

Pillar associated with Jehan Ango (1480-1551)

Saint Valéry - patron saint of the church

Georges Braque, 'The Tree of Jesse'

Pillar associated with Jehan Ango (1480-1551)

Tomb of Georges Braque and of his wife









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